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Tom Allen

Alyson Garland & Julie Sergenian buy a new car

Briget 'Bird' Cosgrove

Lynn Bodi

Lynn Bodi

Chris Richter & Eric France eat cake at Jim Fenley's birthday party

Is that Cindy Magnuson about to give me the finger?

Cindy Magnuson

Mary Colucci

Dawn Barrett

Dave Hall

Deanna Sutcliffe & Heidi Marleau (Edgewood '80)

Deanna Sutcliffe & Heidi Marleau (Edgewood '80)

Mark Hervey's evil twin

Mark Hervey

Jim Fenley opens an obscene birthday gift from Michelle Zweifel

Is that Kim behind those Foster Grants?

Michelle Zweifel & Mark Stahnke

Prom Court goofing off at West's shed

Robin Jurrens

Anne-Marie Patrie, Dave Hall, Mark Hervey, Robin Jurrens, Vicki Elsinger, Anne Splitt, Bill Duppler, and others

Dave Stoler, Carel Koch, Michelle Zweifel, Laura Brown (Class of 1982), and others

Jackie Gartner (Class of 1981)

Tom Schleter looking studly

Eric France, Fletcher Brown, & Tom Ansusinha ride the New York City subway

Tommy "Boom-Boom" Schleter



Ginger Henderson, Aleta Hamer, and Adrienne Archia at the '80 Senior Class Party at the YMCA


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